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2010-05-22 15:33:55 by KradinArallan

Well lately i havent been drawing as much as i should so, im making a new series of comic book . It's Called "Live To Tell".I got the idea after watching the movie "battle for terra.It's about Earth after its cores is Imploded.The atmosphere is now scattered around all of the pieces of earth which are all close to each other. The United Earth Responcive Directorates(TUERD) has sent two brave men Alias(Voiced by Me) and Myren(voiced by my best friend mark) to go search in the Galaxy "Menudo" for possible planets that the growing populace of the largest Piece of Earth "Orion" could live on. They Find A planet called Tyldar VI that has all that right conditions Earth had before the industrial revolution began.With the planet 5x bigger than Earth, and more than 50x the natural resources Earth ever had,They both decide this is the perfect planet.They call back TUERD and tell them what theyve found.TUERD tells them to investigate the planet to find any other sources of live and to check the living conditions there.When they land on the Planet however they are immediatly attacked by ravenous, cannibilistic creatures that appear to be humans.When they make it back to their ship, they tell TUERD about what has happened and that "cannibals" have taken over the planet.TUERD decides that since Orions peice is drifting away from the atmosphere, the men are to clear a large enough section of the planet so they can habitate it.The men find this hard to accomplish without any weapons.


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2010-07-21 21:28:06


Runes of Shalak is nothing like Luigi's Mansion and is NOT 1-bit. It is 8-bit.

KradinArallan responds:

I know that if youve played the old atari there was a game kinda like atari BUT like waaaaaaaaay weird.your guy was just one dot and so was your enemies